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Welcome to Arahu!

CKC reg'd Irish Wolfhounds

Arahu Irish Wolfhounds is located in the Hearthland of South-Western Ontario, Canada, a short drive from New York and Michigan. As breeders, our primary focus is on structure and health, and we aim to breed and raise strong, athletic hounds that possess free and easy movement - hounds that could do the job they were originally bred for.

Our hounds are our cherished companions, and all live in the house with us.  We breed for ourselves - when we are ready for another hound in the pack and feel we have a quality bitch or dog we want to move forward with.

Natural rearing, country air, and daily runs on our acreage keep our hounds fit, healthy, and happy. We hope you enjoy our website, and we welcome any comments that you may have.

Blessed be!


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