For longer than I can remember, I have had a love affair with the Irish Wolfhound.  I don't even think I met one until I was around 12 years of age, but long before then, I knew what lay in my future.  Kevin and I got our first hound in February, 2002 - Karontara Boba Fett.  She was the beginning of my dream come to life.  Over the years, we have worked our way up to as many as eight hounds in the house.  We currently share our lives with Cernunnos, Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Khufu, and our cat, Pippin.  Our hounds are our cherished companions, first and foremost.  I show them at IW Specialty Shows in Canada and the US, as well as attending the occasional Hound Group specialty.  We have also been active with the hounds in lure coursing (when we have had a hound who will course), both with the CSFA and ASFA.  Along with a love for these beautiful hounds, Kevin found a love of photography. Some of his best shots are of our hounds on the coursing field, or playing in the yard!  His passion and talent are apparent in his photos (as you can see throughout our site).



It is our aim to breed sound hounds, both in form and function, on a small scale. We strive for vitality and athleticism, and much of our focus is on breeding a hound that could indeed course and take down a wolf. We also aim to breed hounds that will outlive the "average age of 7 years", and remain vital and strong well into their veteran years.  Our hounds live outside in the yard, and in the house with us - usually on our many couches!  We believe strongly in natural rearing and feed all of our animals a species appropriate raw food diet.  We also choose alternatinve/supportive therapies where at all possible.



Bright Blessings
Sid & Kevin Wood




Breeding Practices  Arahu Irish Wolfhound with litter of puppies.

We are in no rush to breed our girls, as we breed for ourselves, and we can only care for so many hounds at one time. We like to wait until our btiches are 4 years of age to breed them, to rule out early onset heart disease.  We test our brood bitches' hearts prior to breeding them, and then annually for the rest of their lives.


Puppies are whelped in the privacy of our guest room, so that the dam is not overly stressed with the other hounds wanting to know what is going on. Once the puppies are around 3-4 weeks, they are moved into the central family room/kitchen area of our house. There they are exposed to all of our hounds, and the sights, smells, and sounds of life. At around 6-7 weeks of age,the puppies are moved to the kennel, to help them get a start on house breaking.  Our puppies all get loads of one on one time with us, and  we work at handling them so that they will be better prepared for things like veterinary exams. We do not expose young puppies to the vet office, but rather have our vet come out here for house calls to do vet checks.  All of our puppies are livershunt tested at 9 weeks of age.  We let our puppies go to their new homes around the age of 12 weeks.