02/1991 - 03/2012


"Pikku Kissan Paska"



Although we re-homed Kissa with my folks in 2007, we felt she deserved a page on the Arahu website.  Kissa came to live with Kevin at the tender age of 6 weeks, and was his steadfast companion until he moved in with "the dog lady" - aka me.  Kissa learned to tolerate my dog London, and was there for the rearing of our first three wolfhounds.  Our lives got too crowded and chaotic for Kissa in her senior years, and thankfully, my parents agreed to give her a home.  She had never been so spoiled in her whole life!!  Kissa very quickly became Bill's cat, and at long last relented to bond with "the food lady" - aka Mai.  She was a true testament to natural rearing.  Sadly, Kissa left us this spring at just over the age of 21.


Kissa  and the many remotes of Bill



In Bill's Chair


Kissa at age 18







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