b. 08-23-2018



Faust is our first Saluki and is a pure joy to live with!  Bred by and co-owned with Randy & Starr White (Windstorm Salukis), we are thrilled with our newest member of the pack and foresee a long future in this breed.  Faust instantly found himself a place among the giants and fits right in at Arahu.  Faust easily obtained his CKC Championship and we are hopeful to get started on his US Championship this year.  He LOVES lure coursing and is pointed in the field as well.  Always a people lover, Faust has won the hearts of everyone he has met.  He is also the sire of two beautiful litters.  This multi-faceted, robust young hound shows promise of a bright future ahead. 

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Faust going Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed at 9 months of age under breeder judge Garry Newton



Faust - 11 months old


Faust - 1 year old Summer Splash 


Faust head shot


Faust - 14 months


Faust on the field (photo courtesy of Wendy Reyn)

b. 12-04-2016



Salzburg is made of magic and joy!!  It was not our original intention to keep a male out of Titi's litter but Salzburg was too wonderful to let go!  This beautiful boy has captured our hearts.  Always inquisitive, friendly, and happy he is a pure joy to be around.  He loves people, going for rides, and rough housing with his little sister.  Salz has already shown a keen interest on the coursing field and we look forward to taking him out into the show ring next spring! 

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Salzburg at 9 weeks of age


Salzburg - 10.5 months old

b. 12-04-2016



Lausanne was Titi's first-born and has always had something very special about her.  We knew long before we evaluated the puppies at 9 weeks that she would be staying at Arahu.  She is soft and sweet with us, but holds her own in running and wrestling with her much bigger brother!  Laus has already shown a keen drive on the coursing field winning Best Puppy at the 2017 IWCC National Field Trial!  We look forward to taking her out into the show ring next spring.

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Lausanne at 8 weeks of age


Lausanne - 10.5 months old

Best in Puppy Stakes, IWCC National Field Trial 2017

b. 03-14-2012

aka "Titii"


Titi was Brigid's smallest whelp - under 1lb.  She may be small in size, but her spirit is huge!  Right from the beginning, she has been feisty, determined, and does not want for anything.  She is personable, sweet, and very much like her grand-dam, Jadzia.  Not so interested in showing, she is very keen to chase the bags at coursing!  Always curious and affectionate, Titi is a pleasure to be around.

Titi is co-owned with Donna Tomson, Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds.
Titi proved to be an excellent brood bitch, and is dam to Lausanne, Salzburg and Dessa.


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Nefertiti - 4 years 6 months


Just about ready to have puppies!!


Nefertiti - 2 years


Nefertiti at 8.5 weeks of age



Titi at 18 weeks


Just a few days old :-)


Showing off her pearly whites!


b. 03-14-2012
d. 10-27-2017



Khufu is truly an athletetic hound!  Tall and rangy, this boy LOVES to run!  He adores racing and wrestling with his sisters,
Titi and Hatsh, and thoroughly enjoys being a country hound.  Hanging outside with his dad is one of his favourite things to do.  
Khufu is a sweet, and repsonsive boy, and very special to us.


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Khufu at 3 years of age


Khufu - 2 years


Khufu LOVES the snow!!


8 weeks old