CKC UKC CH Arahu Akhenaten

b. 03-14-2012
d. 05-03-2017

aka "Aten"


Aten is co-owned by and lives with our good friend, Donna Tomson (Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds).  Aten is a very sweet boy, who works well, and does what is asked of him.  He loves his daily romps in the field, and enjoys playing/racing with his cousins.  Aten is shaping up to be a versatile hound, showing interest in both the show ring and the field!


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Aten 2 years



Aten at 17 months



Aten at 17 months

Aten at 8.5 weeks


Aten at IWCC 2012 - 1st 6-9 month Dog, Sweeps and Regular Classes



Arahu's Heartbeat of the Earth

b. 04-21-2008
d. 04-09-2017


aka "Noodles"


Cernunnos is the first male at Arahu, and he has been a learning experience for us.  He is very gentle, despite his size, and loves to hang outside with his dad doing chores.  He has earned himself the moniker "Velco-Dog", as he'll attach himself to your hip and follow you around the yard all afternoon.  His sweet nature makes him utterly irresistible!  Cernunnos was bred at Arahu and is a litter brother to Brigid.


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Cernunnos - 6 years


Cernunnos February 2013 - 5 years old



Cernunnos as a wee lad




Arahu's Beltaine Fire

b. 04-21-2008
d. 09-27-2015

aka "Bidgy-Boo"


Brigid was the first hound born here at Arahu.  The only girl in the litter, she has grown up to be one tough cookie!  She adores all things natural, and revels in the water, dirt, and outdoors in general.  She is a reserved girl with strangers - a true sighthound - but loves you with all she has once she befriends you.  She is litter sister to Cernunnos.
Brigid has proven herself to be an excellent brood bitch, and continues to love and nurture her kids.
She is dam to our Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Aten, and Khufu.


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Brigid on the move at 6 years of age
(photo courtesy of Kathi Yorke)


Brigid - 6 years



Brigid at age 3 years going 1st Can Bred Bitch and Best Head
at the 2011 IWCC National Specialty Show
under Ika Peiler, Knocknarea Irish Wolfhounds, Ireland

"Very nice bitch of old-fashioned type with lovely flowing lines from nose to tail.
Nice feminine head sitting on strong neck, correct rose ear. Very nice topline. 
Deep and long ribcage, nice tuck-up. Very good front and rear angulation. 
A picture of balance standing and on the move. Excellent ground covering movement."





Brigid with her litter of 11.  She was an excellent brood bitch!


Brigid as a wee babe



Wolfhaven Fools Rush In at Arahu

b. 04-01-2007
d. 06-30-2016



Rogue is a sweet and energetic soul.  Always alert, she is a most capable huntress.  She runs like the wind, and we still have hopes that she will course one day.  A natural 'ham', Rogue loves to be in the show ring.  She also enjoys a good morning cuddle in bed with mom and dad.  Rogue was bred by Donita Osborne, Wolfhaven Irish Wolfhounds.

In November 2015, Rogue was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, and given "weeks" to live.  
Through the help of our wonderful TCM vet, she waged a good battle and defied the odds,
maintaining the highest quality of life for 7.5 more months!
Digs taught us a lot, and we are forever grateful for 9 incredible years with her.


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Rogue - almost 9 years old!


Rogue at 4 years of age going 1st Open Bitch, Reserve Winners Bitch, and Best Gait
at the 2011 IWCC National Specialty Show
under Ika Peiler, Knocknarea Irish Wolfhounds, Ireland

"Very well built workmanlike yet feminine grey brindle bitch with nicely flowing lines.
Very nicely proportioned head and gentle expression. Great balance all over. 
Good topline, good underline with long ribcage and nice tuck-up.
Nice temperament. Excellent easy and active movement, ground covering and sound, looks like she can run all day. 
This she demonstrated later when she won the Gait Class, getting better with each round."



Rogue at 5.5 years - October, 2012



Rogue at IWAGS 2007 - her ring debut



Rogue With Donita at the IWCC National 2008




Jadzia Freesoul of Castlekeep

b. 08-27-2003
d. 10-04-2013



Jadzia is the Matriarch here at Arahu.  She may be our smallest hound, but she commands great respect from the rest of the pack.  She has proven herself to be a capable leader, a skilled huntress, and a remarkable brood bitch.  Jadzia was bred by Donna Tomson, Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds.  She is dam to our Brigid and Cernunnos.

Jadzia left this life at just over 10 years of age.  We are proud to have her children and her grandchildren here to move forward with.
She was a remarkable bitch in many ways, and will be missed dearly by everyone at Arahu.



Jadzia - 10 years 1 month


Jadzia at 8 years of age winning 3rd place Veteran Bitch at IWCC 2011
under judge Ika Peiler, Knocknarea Irish Wolfhounds, Ireland

"Houndy veteran lady with a beautiful head and small high set rose ear. 
Carries herself nicely on the move."


Jadzia on the move at 9+ years of age.


Jadzia at 7.75 years of age




Jadzia going WB & BOW at 
Southern Counties Hound Breeds Association Specialty
under Australian Judge Robert S. Bell, August 2008


Jadzia - winter 2009-2010



Jadzia with her litter at 4 weeks of age



Jadzia going Best Sighthound in Sweeps (age 9 months) at SCHBA
under Judge Sue Woodward



Calorien Arahu Divine Huntress FCh.

b. 04-25-2005
d. 01-19-2014


#3 Lure Coursing Irish Wolfhound in Canada 2007
#8 Lure Coursing Points Average Overall (all Sighthounds) 2007
#5 Lure Coursing Irish Wolfhound in Canada 2008
Best in Field IWCC National Field Trial 2007 & 2008
#8 Lure Coursing Irish Wolfhound in Canada 2009
#10 Lure Coursing Irish Wolfhound in Canada 2011
#8 Lure Coursing Irish Wolfhound in Canada 2012


Artemis LOVES to run!  Her keen prey drive has helped her to become an avid and successful performance hound.  With limited entry in trials, she has continued to place in the top ten coursing IWs since her career began.  She has won BIF at both Canadian and American IW Specialty Field Trials, as well as a BIF at her first all breed trial.  At home, she is content to be everyone's friend and is a great aunt to all puppies.  Her other loves include food, all bodies of water, and turning people into wolfhound lovers!  Artemis was bred by Jude Callender, Calorien Irish Wolfhounds.

Artemis lost her battle with cancer in January, and left us to join Jadzia.  
She enjoyed great quality of life right up to the end thankfully, due to TCM.  
She has taught us a great deal, and will leave a large hole at Arahu for some time to come.


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Boxing Day, 2013


Artemis is still coursing at 7.5 years - October, 2012

Artemis winning BOB at an OLCA trial in May, 2009



Baby Artemis






b. 03-14-2012
d. 01-30-2020



Hatshepsut was the 2nd born puppy in Brigid's litter, and by far the largest.  Right from the start, she has established herself as a would-be leader, and taken what she wants from life without hesitation!  Despite her "go get 'em" attitude, she is sweet, respectful, and is a joy to be around.  She is shaping up to be a natural show-man, and we have high hopes that she will be a coursing hound too, like her FCH father!


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Hatshepsut - 4 years 6 months


Hatshepsut - 2 years
(photo courtesy of Kathi Yorke)



 On the move at 2 years
(photo courtesy of Kathi Yorke)


Hatsh at 18 weeks