Arahu's Beltaine Fire

b. 04-21-2008
d. 09-27-2015

aka "Bidgy-Boo"


Brigid was the first hound born here at Arahu.  The only girl in the litter, she has grown up to be one tough cookie!  She adores all things natural, and revels in the water, dirt, and outdoors in general.  She is a reserved girl with strangers - a true sighthound - but loves you with all she has once she befriends you.  She is litter sister to Cernunnos.
Brigid has proven herself to be an excellent brood bitch, and continues to love and nurture her kids.
She is dam to our Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Aten, and Khufu.


Click here for her pedigree 

Brigid on the move at 6 years of age
(photo courtesy of Kathi Yorke)


Brigid - 6 years



Brigid at age 3 years going 1st Can Bred Bitch and Best Head
at the 2011 IWCC National Specialty Show
under Ika Peiler, Knocknarea Irish Wolfhounds, Ireland

"Very nice bitch of old-fashioned type with lovely flowing lines from nose to tail.
Nice feminine head sitting on strong neck, correct rose ear. Very nice topline. 
Deep and long ribcage, nice tuck-up. Very good front and rear angulation. 
A picture of balance standing and on the move. Excellent ground covering movement."





Brigid with her litter of 11.  She was an excellent brood bitch!


Brigid as a wee babe