Arahu's Heartbeat of the Earth

b. 04-21-2008
d. 04-09-2017


aka "Noodles"


Cernunnos is the first male at Arahu, and he has been a learning experience for us.  He is very gentle, despite his size, and loves to hang outside with his dad doing chores.  He has earned himself the moniker "Velco-Dog", as he'll attach himself to your hip and follow you around the yard all afternoon.  His sweet nature makes him utterly irresistible!  Cernunnos was bred at Arahu and is a litter brother to Brigid.


Click here for his pedigree

Cernunnos - 6 years


Cernunnos February 2013 - 5 years old



Cernunnos as a wee lad