b. 03-14-2012
d. 01-30-2020



Hatshepsut was the 2nd born puppy in Brigid's litter, and by far the largest.  Right from the start, she has established herself as a would-be leader, and taken what she wants from life without hesitation!  Despite her "go get 'em" attitude, she is sweet, respectful, and is a joy to be around.  She is shaping up to be a natural show-man, and we have high hopes that she will be a coursing hound too, like her FCH father!


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Hatshepsut - 4 years 6 months


Hatshepsut - 2 years
(photo courtesy of Kathi Yorke)



 On the move at 2 years
(photo courtesy of Kathi Yorke)


Hatsh at 18 weeks