Jadzia Freesoul of Castlekeep

b. 08-27-2003
d. 10-04-2013



Jadzia is the Matriarch here at Arahu.  She may be our smallest hound, but she commands great respect from the rest of the pack.  She has proven herself to be a capable leader, a skilled huntress, and a remarkable brood bitch.  Jadzia was bred by Donna Tomson, Castlekeep Irish Wolfhounds.  She is dam to our Brigid and Cernunnos.

Jadzia left this life at just over 10 years of age.  We are proud to have her children and her grandchildren here to move forward with.
She was a remarkable bitch in many ways, and will be missed dearly by everyone at Arahu.



Jadzia - 10 years 1 month


Jadzia at 8 years of age winning 3rd place Veteran Bitch at IWCC 2011
under judge Ika Peiler, Knocknarea Irish Wolfhounds, Ireland

"Houndy veteran lady with a beautiful head and small high set rose ear. 
Carries herself nicely on the move."


Jadzia on the move at 9+ years of age.


Jadzia at 7.75 years of age




Jadzia going WB & BOW at 
Southern Counties Hound Breeds Association Specialty
under Australian Judge Robert S. Bell, August 2008


Jadzia - winter 2009-2010



Jadzia with her litter at 4 weeks of age



Jadzia going Best Sighthound in Sweeps (age 9 months) at SCHBA
under Judge Sue Woodward